Balfour Aralia

Balfour Aralia

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The distinct leaves of a Balfour Aralia resemble leathery, round, dinner plates about 1″- 2″ in diameter, which is how the plant got its nickname, the Dinner Plate Aralia.  The leaves can range in color from light green to dark green and some varieties have green and cream colored variegated leaves. Aralias are not  good houseplants for beginners since they are easy to over- water which results in root rot and leaves falling off. 

Balfour Aralia plants do best in  bright indirect light; but will survive in low light if you are careful not to over-water.

Aralias have very fine roots and are easily over-watered. Always allow the top 1/2 of the soil in the pot to dry out before watering. During the winter when plants are resting, they need even less water. In  low light situations, Aralias may need water only once a month.

Although Aralia plants don't produce flowers indoors, they can be trained to be a lovely  bonsai plant.


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