Illume Quartz | Crystal Candle

Illume Quartz | Crystal Candle

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Beautiful, softly scented candle + high vibing crystal + massage oil = everything you need and want in one!

A vibrantly uplifting aromatic blend that captures the essence of sacred spaces around the world, the essential oils used in this proprietary blend have been used naturally to purify for thousands of years. Within this candle, you will find a luminous mini quartz gemstone. Known as the “master healer”, quartz crystals clear, store and amplify energy.

All our candles are designed to be used for massage or as a nourishing treatment for very dry skin. Allow your candle to meltdown, test temperature to ensure safety and simply pour into palms and massage into skin. we recommend patch testing prior to use. for external use only.



Palo Santo | Neroli | Bergamot | Sage | Frankincense

Enjoy the naturally softer scent of our natural candles

Signature etched candle in our original natural scent. Vegan. No GMO. Natural. Reusable Glassware. Plastic Free. Palm Oil Free. Handcrafted.​

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