Gold Moon Phases Garland

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Bring the magic of the moon into your home with this bewitching moon phase garland. It looks perfect over an alter, above a bed, craft table or even in a baby’s nursery. This banner is also a great addition to a classroom, for teaching astronomy and the phases of the moon.


This 7 phase moon garland is handmade and measures approximately 22 inches in length and each phase is about 3 inches tall. Wool is sewn to the end of each side for ease of hanging. The garland includes 2 quarter moons, 2 crescent moons, 2 gibbous moons and one full moon.

They have yarn sewn onto the ends so they are easy to tie around thumbtacks or nails. The felt is made from eco-friendly 100% recycled polyester, a durable material created from recycled bottles. The string is an acrylic yarn and the thread is polyester.