Home Essentials Subscription

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We know you want to support local and we know you're just as passionate about non toxic house products as we are. We also know that we are all short on time, have terrible memories and just need more ease in your life! 

Introducing the TCGS Home Essentials subscription. Every month, we will put together a package for you that includes everything you need to keep your home clean and tidy and 100% all natural! 

What does it include: 

  1. 35 Laundry Soap Tabs (valued at $13.99)
  2. 30 Dishwasher Tabs ( valued at $10.80)
  3. Dishwash Block (valued at $8)
  4. Bar of soap (valued at $9)
  5. Sponge Cloth (valued at $7)

Total Value: $48.00