New Direction Earrings

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These tri-triangle geometric dangle earrings are lightweight, playful + modern.  The triangle's in the design symbolize resilience.  No matter how much pressure is coming up in your life as you navigate a new direction (aka changes in your life)... you have the strength from within to get through these new changes in your life. Girl...You've got this!

Here are some outfit ideas that would go great with the New Direction earrings!

  • Leopard pleated skirt + black high neck tank 
  • Oversized sweater +your favourite legging
  • Rust corduroy bell bottoms, white top + wooden clogs (ooooo how I love that chords are back!)

 Intention for the New Direction Design:

Change is scary and it will be uncomfortable.  You'll want to revert to old patterns but trust me - what you are growing through will prepare you for the life that you want to live.  You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for!


New Direction Canvas - Fall 2019.  Stepping out of my comfort zone, leaning in, trusting that my own strength + resiliency. 

Approximate length: 77 millimeters