The INDIGO Experience with Lourdes Still - May 24

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When: Wednesday, May 24, 6-8 pm

Where: The Community General Store, 10 Cedar Drive, Unit 2, Niverville

A 2-hour exploration on how to start an indigo vat and dye wearable art pieces. Join Lourdes of Masagana Flower Farm at the Community General Store on May 23, 2023 as she shares what makes dyeing with indigo very unique from other botanicals. Participants will learn how to build a vat, introductory surface design techniques and dye their own cotton bandana. We’ll cover textile aftercare and how to keep the vibrancy of this blue.

$89 plus tax includes:

  • One (1) organic cotton bandana 24” square
  • Three (3) sample cotton test pieces, sizes varies

Additional cotton bandana available for $10 plus tax.

** We will be working with high pH vat and fine powders. Guests need to bring their own gloves, apron and N95 mask.