An Interview with Tee from Fleurs

When I first opened The Community General Store, my dream was to tell the stories of the makers we bring through our doors. I wanted to introduce you to new Canadian made brands and the people behind them. Of course, the pandemic happened and we could barely keep our heads above water so here we are, a year later and we are thrilled to be introducing you to Tee, from Fleurs. I have noticed that we have become so disconnected with the purchases we make that we often forget that behind these brands, there are incredibly passionate people pouring their hearts into their products. Fleurs was one of the brands that I absolutely could not open the store without. I'm a believer in the healing properties of plants ( which is why you will find so many botanical powered products on our shelves. I'm also a sucker for great branding, packaging, and imagery so it's no wonder my eye was drawn to this Canadian brand. Tee took the time to answer some of the questions we had about her, her brand, and what motivated her to start Fleurs.

"FLEURS combines herbal medicine and hemp healing to recharge and rejuvenate the body and mind. Herbal medicine works to target different needs of an overworked and undernourished society, with the prioritization of REST + RITUAL at the core of what we do. "

1. I would love to know what inspired you to start fleurs

I started FLEURS as a passion project. I wanted to bridge the worlds of herbalism and cannabis, as they essentially are the same thing yet felt mutually exclusive. I wanted to show that the hemp plant is like any other herb and can be used holistically to heal so many different ailments. I felt passionate about creating more well rounded options for those seeking cannabis treatment.
  1. What is the WHY behind your business
Rest revolution. Empowerment. Autonomy of health. Connection + Awareness. These are the WHY's that drive my business. The ritual of tea is simple yet so beautiful and can slowly but surely make the world a more peaceful place. 
  1. Please tell me what your favourite product is to make and why
I love making the tea. We bag it all by hand at our HQ and it's so meditative and relaxing to be with the herbs, listening to good music, and blending teas with intention. I've always been a tea lover and I've always loved making my own blends, only difference is I get to do it as a career now!
  1. What do you do in your free time/what are you passionate about outside of your business? 
I don't know that many people who follow me on FLEURS know that I am actually a full time musician and producer. I am the producer for a 5 piece girl group - @its.naduh and I produce/write solo music as well. 
  1. What is the one job you do in your business that you would never outsource or delegate out? 
Content. I low key love making FLEURS content and I feel like it's so integral to be hands on with this part of my business- it's like a living first impression that people get to experience when they come to FLEURS social media. I studied creative advertising and worked in agencies for years, so I really feel natural styling shoots and planning content, especially when it's for a product that I 100% stand behind!
  1. What is a tip you would give someone starting their own business
You'll never be ready, so just start! Take the leap of faith, show up for yourself and your vision, stop making excuses, be willing to fail. commit. Say yes to the huge dream and then watch resources unfold. 
  1. What is your favourite local small business to support ( outside of yours, obviously ) 
Farmer's markets! I like to support the people growing food and tending to the land close to home. 
  1. How do you spend your Sundays? 
I'll usually take my dog to the forest or play in the back yard first thing in the morning. I reserve Sunday's for time with my partner lazing around, eating good, hitting the farmers market, and being outside when the weather's nice (either hiking, biking, beaching!) I like to wrap the week up by doing a good clean of my home and writing out all my accomplishments of the week, then jotting down all the big to-do's for the following week!
  1. What is your favourite book and why? 
The Prophet - Khalil Gibran ... I treat it like a bible and am constantly in awe by the wisdom and insight it provides.