Interview with Cate from Utoffeea (only the best treat in the world)

Hey Hey,
We are so excited to introduce to you Cate from Utoffeea! We met Cate years ago at a market and instantly was addicted to her toffee treats. It was only after a few months of snacking that I realized Utoffeea was actually led by a kick-butt entrepreneur momma who was making everything out of her home based commercial kitchen! In the few months since we have started to carry her toffee at TCGS, she has grown out of her kitchen and now has a beautiful space in East St Paul, Manitoba along with a retail storefront. Cate has also expanded her line to include popcorn and as of October 1st, 2021, she now has two additional toffee flavors! She really is an incredible powerhouse and an inspirational female entrepreneur that I want to get to know more!
Read on and get to know Cate a bit more... I'm genuinely surprised that she isn't a sweets girl!

What are some things we probably don't know about you? I do not have a sweet-tooth, instead I prefer salty snacks. Chips & dip is my weakness! 

What is your favourite thing to do for yourself? Yoga

What is your favorite thing to eat alongside your toffee? A good London Fog!

Where do you see your brand in 5 years from now? Manifest it my friend! Several well developed product lines apart from Utoffeea. Our gift shop as a landmark/destination in Manitoba continuously offering new products according to the seasons. Utoffeea on store shelves across western Canada. 

What has been your biggest challenge in launching Utoffeea so far? Scaling up. Building and moving into our new shop has been more demanding than I ever thought possible! There were countless hurdles and issues to resolve along the way and still are.

Describe your business to someone who has never heard of it. Utoffeea is a gourmet toffee, nuts & chocolate product handmade in Manitoba. 

How did you choose the name for your business? Utopia+Toffee=Utoffeea

What advice can you give someone looking to start up their own business? Don’t wait till your product/service/business plan is 100% perfect because it NEVER will be! Do it at 80% and do it scared because starting is the hardest part. Customers/sales will tell you what you need to adjust as you go.

What sets your business apart from others alike? The quality of our products; we use high end nuts and LOADS of local butter, and all products are handmade to the highest standard. 

What is the most challenging part of running Utoffeea? Always guessing how much product to make, having enough on hand for orders but not too much that it’s sitting around too long. 

If you weren't making toffee, what would be your dream job? My life’s mission is to bring joy to people through food, so if I wasn’t running Utoffeea, I can think of 10 other food companies I’d like to start! 

What has been your proudest creative moment? Making the first perfect batch in 2012. No candy thermometer, just a lucky day and delicious toffee.