I Want You To Be You Book

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I want you to be happy
But it’s okay if you’re sad.
I wish for your excitement.
But you might just feel mad.
All feelings are healthy, along with developing the ability to identify and self-regulate these emotions. As caregivers, we must hold space for our child’s emotions, as normalizing and embracing all feelings welcomes children to openly share with us.
I Want You To Be You, written in rhyming verse, is intended to help in creating a safe shared space between child and caregiver to openly talk about all feelings. The popular expression “I want you to be happy!” has good intentions, but fails to capture the whole message we really want our kids to know...
...I want you to be you.

L. Robin together with YOU!
All children deserve access to mental health supports – when they need it, in the way they need it.
That is why, together with your help, L. Robin Books will donate partial proceeds of I Want You To Be You to supporting young reader’s emotional health and well-being.

About the author (2022)

L. Robin has been an educator for almost two decades and has her B.P.E., B.Ed., M.Ed., and P.B.D.E. She became a mother in 2012 and her children are her source of inspiration for most aspects of her life – including this book! She is thankful to have always been very close to her family, and her core beliefs are heavily rooted in the importance of those connections. She is a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a niece, a cousin, a wife, a friend, and—her most valued role—a mother.

L. Robin lives in Springfield, Manitoba, with her husband, her two children, and their two family dogs.