Plant Vitamins THRIVE

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You're already making healthy, eco-conscious choices for your personal lifestyle, why not do the same for your house plants? Plant Vitamins is a simple way for you to do just that all while keeping your plants healthy and happy and helping create a greener future for everyone! Plant Vitamins will increase your plants' ability to deal with temperature changes, stressful conditions, over or under watering, overall root health and much more.

THRIVE Plant Vitamins contains 60 + minerals, vitamins, and active growth hormones designed for regular fertilization of your plants. Makes up to 120 litres of fertilizer.

100% organic seaweed 0.6,0,6

Mix 1ml of Plant Vitamins for every 1L of water and water as regular             

Mix 3ml of Plant Vitamins for every 1L of water after repotting to encourage root health and reduce stress from the move 

Mix .5ml of Plant Vitamins for every 1L of water for misting leaves or watering succulents and cacti