Bison Ryan Fanny Pack

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This version of the Ryan Fanny Pack is made from limited edition Manitoba bison, which has a soft, rich texture with a deep mocha color.

  • 6" Tall, 12" wide, 4" front to back
  • Adjustable strap
  • Clip for easy removal

Some may think a product like this is off-brand for Earth and Hide.  After all, fanny packs aren't exactly timeless nor typically rugged or even simple.  But they are fun and trendy right now.  I like to think E+H can keep up with current trends while throwing back to classic styles.  When I envision timeless, rugged simplicity applied to a fanny pack, this is definitely it!  My friend Ryan Klassen is the first one to buy one of these, and he embodies that fun, current style of this piece.