Cloverdale Blow Poker

Cloverdale Blow Poker

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Stoker Pokers are a must-have for indoor or outdoor fires. A two-in-one tool, stoker pokers are hollow, allowing the user to blow through the handle, directing oxygen (or fuel) to the exact location of the fire required to get those flames roaring.

Also known as blow pokes or fire dragons, these tools are handy to have when trying to get your fire started! The handle allows the stoker to hang when not in use. It also has a bend or hook on the end so you can adjust logs and tend to the fire as needed.

Approximate size: 29" (74cm) in length.

Every Cloverdale Forge product is handmade and brought to life through hammer blows and fire; each piece is unique and may vary slightly from the photo.

This Cloverdale Forge product is finished with a clear enamel to help protect it from the elements.