Dog Collar & Leash

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A while back, we took in a dog as an emergency foster. As we got to know Charli (as the kids have decided to call her) and thought about what she must have been through in her short life, I wanted to help the rescue and the important work they're doing!

When Charli came to our home, she had just a nylon leash, a bag of food and nothing else. I quickly made her a leather collar and leash, which started me down this road. I get lots of requests for collars & leashes, but haven't made making them a priority. But thanks to Charli, it is now!

20% of each collar, leash, or combo order will go directly to K9 Advocates Manitoba! I am excited to partner with them as a foster parent and a donor!

The leash is an 3/4" wide, 8-ft multi-function tactical style leash.