VONBROS Growth Elixir Beard Oil

VONBROS Growth Elixir Beard Oil

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The VONBROS Beard Treatments are beard oils with many added natural ingredients for targeting different areas.

The Growth Elixir is an all-natural oil-based formula designed to enhance hair follicle growth. This elixir has the best the natural world has to offer for stimulating hair growth - from carrier oils, specialty oils, and essential oils, you can be assured that every ingredient is helping your beard grow to it’s fullest potential. There is a pleasant woodsy scent from the growth-enhancing oils, including cedar, tea tree, citrus and eucalyptus.


APPLICATION: Just apply 1-4 pumps to sparse areas, and to your entire beard for a healthy beard. For best results, apply after washing daily, and use beard comb or brush to distribute oil evenly.

- 30ml