KANSO - 9” planter & tray

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Introduce a contemporary twist to traditional earthy tones with our modern planters. Elevate your aesthetic and infuse a distinctive contrast into your plant collection. The 9” planter pots are available in three different colorways, each set comprising one planter equipped with a drainage hole, plug, and a matching saucer.

Crafted from recycled plastics, these planters undergo a transformation by blending with natural stone and wood, turning conventional plastic into a sustainable green composite material. The handcrafted finishes ensure that each planter possesses a unique personality and distinctive details, adding a bespoke touch to your green space.

- Recycled Plastic | Natural Stone | Wood Dust
- Porous
- Hand Finished

- Saucer dish included
- Drainage hole & Plug: Yes
- Indoor/Outdoor Use
- Frost Proof -50C - 100C
- Planter Measurements: 9in Width x 8in Height (Inner diameter is 8.5 Inches)
- Saucer Measurements: 9in Diameter x 1.4in Height