Roscoe Belt - 1 1/4 inch width

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  • High quality top grain leather
  • Available in chestnut, merlot, black, and natural
  • Brass or stainless steel buckle
  • 1 1/4 inch width

My big brother, my father and my grandfather were all named "Roscoe Jackson Allen".  I love the name Roscoe.  It's such a southern name and fits those guys well.  None of them have ever gone by Roscoe though.  Grandpa was known as Dr. Allen unless you knew him well enough to call him "Rocky" (see the Rocky briefcase).  My brother has always gone by "Russ".  My dad went by Rusty when I was younger, but settled on RJ for most of his life.  I've named these belts after him, not because he would whip us with a belt (fortunately), but because like me, he carries a bit of extra weight and puts a lot of pressure on his belts.

These handmade belts are made from high quality, top grain leather with your choice of a brass or stainless steel buckle. This may be the last belt you'll ever need. These belts will hold up beautifully with age and heavy use.

Size Pants Size Waist Circumference
XS 27" - 33" 29" - 35"
Small 30" - 34" 32" - 38"
Medium 33" - 38" 36" - 42"
Large 36" - 42" 40" - 46"
XL 40" - 46" 44" - 50"

* Custom sizing available on request. In-person custom personal sizing available for local pickup. Please understand I'm not able to accept returns on custom sized belts.