Sheepdog Coffee Meat Rub

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We’ve combined our favourite spices with coffee to create the most amazing seasonings you could imagine.

Why coffee on meat? Coffee has been a staple in barbecue for many years. The acidity, bitterness and brightness will help tenderize your meat to give the flavors an added boost.

Black Coffee: Blended with only quality ingredients, your brisket bark will have just enough bite with this ultimate activated charcoal rub for beef, red meat, and pork.

Signature: Garlic, paprika, and black pepper get a boost from coffee and coca to add a bold dose of flavour to anything you shake with this rub on! Recommended for beef and pork.

Cajun: A rustic, savoury blend of ground coffee, cayenne, paprika, and garlic makes this seasoning essential for Smokey heat lovers! Recommended for beef, pork, chicken, seafood, veggies.