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Three times as strong as our Ready-to-Drink, we designed this concentrate to be flexible with how you like your coffee. This 1 Litre bottle will stand up nicely in your fridge and keep you going for up to 8 cups (4 oz ratio).

Black & unsweetened, let this concentrate be the base for your Iced Lattes, Smoothies & Cocktails. Really, you can do whatever you want with this stuff so let that creativity run, and if you come up with something really cool, tag us @sheepdogbrewco!

One part Sheepdog + one part milk (or water for black coffee) = total perfection. Feeling adventurous? Try it with vodka for a cocktail, sparkling water for a coffee soda or over ice cream for pure decadence...

Try it cold, or HOT!

Made in: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Ingredients: Water, Coffee, Chicory,

Details: 32oz, 4lbs, must be refrigerated before and after opening. Best before the date found on the lid of the bottle.

All of Sheepdog's products are all-natural, sugar-free, vegan, low calorie, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

*must be refrigerated
*Cold Brew - 946 mL, makes up to 8 cups - Fresh product, must be refrigerated