SOAK BATH CO - Soap Saver Gift Bundle

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The Giftable Soap Saver Bundle by SOAK Bath Co is the cutest gift for any occasion!

Our wooden soap saver tray is wrapped up with two assorted soap samples made from our signature soap recipe. The perfect bundle to gift someone an extra special thank you, an incredible housewarming gift or hostess gift! This giftable bundle makes it easy for someone to try out our soap bars and have the perfect accessory to hold our soaps by the sink or on the shower ledge!

Note: Each of the Soap Samples included with this giftable bundle are assorted soap scents and colourings which makes each one a fun and unique surprise! Each of the soap samples is made from either soap bars that did not meet aesthetic quality standard so were cut down into these smaller pieces. It may have also been created from soap scraps created from the soap cutting process and remade into an entirely new piece of soap.